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Prof. Jie-Min Lee (Chair of Department)

SpecialtiesEconomic Analysis, Fish Products Marketing, Distribution of Economic

teacher18 Asst. Prof. Yi-Wei Chuang (Associate Chair of Department)
SpecialtiesFinance, Accounting
This is an image Prof. Hui-Huang Tai  (Dean of College of Marine Commerce)
SpecialtiesMaritime Operation and Management, Port Co-opetition, Intermodal Transportation
This is an image Prof. Wen-Jui Tseng (Dean of Office of Internaitonal Affairs)
SpecialtiesMarine Insurance, Cargo Claims, Maritime Risk Management
This is an image Prof. Chin-Lung Lu (Section Chief of International Relations Division )
SpecialtiesTravelers Behavior Analysis, Air Transportation Research, Service Marketing

This is an image Prof. Wen-Kai Hsu
SpecialtiesShipping Logistics Management,
Service Operations Management, Management Information Systems

teacher5 Prof. Yi-Chih Yang
SpecialtiesMaritime Policy, Port Logistics, International Trade, Port Management
teacher7 Prof. Ching-Cheng Chao
SpecialtiesAir Transportation, Planning and Management of Airport
teacher9 Prof. Ching-Chiao Yang
SpecialtiesInternational Logistics Management, Shipping Management, Multivariate Analysis
teacher4 A.P. Hui-Lung Yu
SpecialtiesMaritime Law, Shipping Contract Law
This is an image A.P. Jyh-Shyen Sun
Specialties Economics, Port Economics
teacher13 A.P. Kuo-Tsung Tseng
SpecialtiesData Processing, Systemic application software
teacher11 A.P. Shu-Jun Lian
SpecialtiesThe Practice of Shipping, Human Resource Management
teacher17 Asst. Prof. Si-Yu Kuo
Specialties Port/Shipping Operation and Management, International compound transportation,
Transportation Planning and Management